A video of Gracie playing.

  • Status: Adoption Pending
  • Adoption Fee: $200
  • Current Age: 5 Years 
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes

    September 22, 2015 Update:

    Gracie continues to do well in her foster home.   She is super sweet and an easy going dog.   Gracie gets along with her foster home's four dogs and cats.  She is a very submissive dog and will not engage in naughty behavior - in fact, she will run the other way.  She now runs and plays with my other dogs or is just as happy playing by herself by throwing a toy in the air and jumping around.  She does love to be outside or cuddled up on the couch.   She knows her basic commands and will go to her kennel when it is time to eat. 

    Gracie does best when she has the confidence of her pack around her.  She is still jumpy but walks up to everyone to be petted and loved on.  We are very pleased how much progress she has made!  

    Gracie loves to take walks and gets so excited when you pull out a leash.  She does not need to be crated (but does well in a crate) and does not chew on things that are not hers - but she does love her plush toys and does not pull the stuffing out!   She will also do just about anything for a treat!  She has super-fast jaws that will catch a treat in the air lighting fast. 

    Her foster home is working on her manners when it comes to greeting her people when they come home.  She just gets so excited that she jumps and cries with excitement.  She has to sit before she is petted which is hard for her to do. 

    Gracie's ideal home would be a couple or family that is fairly quiet and easy going.  If people do visit, Gracie may remove herself by going and lying down in another room that is quiet.  Her people will need to understand that she will need her space and not push her to be part of the action.  Overall, she is a wonderful dog that will make someone a great companion. 

    If you’d like to adopt Gracie, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.