• Status: Available for Adoption
  • Current Age: 5 Years 3 Months (best estimate)

    Lydia is about 5 years old.  She has been in her foster home since the end of March.  She came from a shut down rescue in Waco Texas.  She has been in a shelter/rescue environment since July of 2011.  She gave birth to 10 puppies in the shelter/rescue back in 2011.  She doesn't vocalize a lot but is starting to figure out who doesn't belong near the back yard and will let them know.  She eats well and loves to hang with her foster parents.  She has a beautiful natural tail.  She does not kennel well but also doesn't chew anything so she's ok being loose in the house.   If she doesn't want to do something, she just lays down and then goes on her side and on her back.  She doesn't seem to be doing this out of submission or fear, she just acts like, "Ha ha, try to move me now!".  She's a big girl, not fat, but big boned and is not easily moved.  Foster mom and dad are working on the potty training.  Since she was in a kennel for a long time, it hasn't been perfect, but she's doing ok as long as she gets outside as soon as she's done eating.  She did real good with a bath and the drying off.  She loves the outside but wants her people to be with her.  She sits and stays and is working on riding in a truck.  She walks pretty good on a leash.  She doesn't really play with toys.  Not sure if it's because she was in the shelter so long or what.  She did have some dental work done prior to coming to MARR.  She is pretty laid back.  She does get bouncy and excited and "smiles".  And then lays down, like "Ok, I'm done."  She doesn't like thunderstorms.  Lydia seems to get along with everyone.  Adults, male, female, kids of several ages.  A little Carin terrier came over to play and she did really good with her.  Although, since Lydia is so much bigger (and doesn't really realize it), she does need to be supervised and told "easy" some with the smaller dog.  She's basically one of those easy dogs that doesn't need a lot of exercise and just makes you smile.