• Status: Available for Adoption

  • Current Size: 80 Pounds

  • Current Age: 8 Years 6 Months

06-27-14 Update

Phoenix is an absolute delight!  She is so easy to care for and so well behaved.  She had no problem learning our schedule,  knows our routines, and learns house rules quickly.  She is incredibly calm in the house but like any dog, has spurts of energy when she likes to play with her toys or play fetch.  She also enjoys playing fetch out in the yard and going for short casual walks. 

Phoenix is the kind of dog that you can talk to in full sentences and she understands and listens to what you tell her to do.  She amazes me sometimes at how well she listens!!

If you don't want her on your furniture, she will stay off.  If you invite her up, she will gladly jump up or ask for help getting up if it's a taller piece of furniture. 

We can take her anywhere and she is always well behaved.  We take her camping and she loves going for car rides and golf cart rides.

The only issue we have with Phoenix is she doesn't get along with one of our dogs (another female Rottweiler).  She has consistently shown her displeasure when around dogs her size or bigger.  We have short play / training sessions with Phoenix and the little dogs.  This has been a work in progress to get to the point of allowing contact with them.  Therefore, we feel it's best to adopt her out to a family without any other dogs.

Otherwise she truly is a great dog and will be a wonderful companion to someone looking for just one special dog!!

If you’d like to adopt Phoenix, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.