• Status: Available for adoption - Feb 4th
  • Adoption Fee: $250
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: Approx. 2 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  unknown
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes
  • Vaccinations:  Current
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes

BIO:  Hello.  My name is Cagney.  On New Year’s Day, my family dropped me off at a cold hard, loud place.  I was scared and refused to eat.  My world made a drastic change and it wasn’t a good one.

Shortly after my arrival to this new place, I was seen by a vet, spayed, given shots, micro-chipped. The vet things that other than being underweight, I am in good health.  They also believe me to be around 2 years old.  But, I still have a lot of puppy in me, so I am not sure if I am 2 yet. After a few days in the shelter, I was on my way to a wonderful home with something called a rescue. 

I now have a foster family and I live on a farm in Eastern Missouri.  I get to visit with tiny fluff balls called- cats, and I play with another rottie, Australian Shepherd, a little dogs, a goat and horses!  Those tiny fluff balls are fun if they run.  I like to chase them.  I think they know that and enjoy the game as much as I do.  I love curling up with them on the porch for sunbathing too. 

The hooved ones – horses and the goat scared me at first so I barked at them hoping they would stay away.  But, I realized, they just want to leave me alone and now they are okay to have around.

My foster mom says I am phenomenally smart!  I quickly fell into their household routine without a single issue.  I don’t potty in the house, and I know things like “sit, down, no and kennel.”  I also learned “wait” in just a few days! 

Oh, and I learned how to pull the storm door open so I can come and go as I please whenever the main house door is left ajar.  I don’t like to be destructive.  My stuffed toys are still intact. J

Some of my favorite things to do:  play with my other dog friends, chasing balls, playing tug-a-war and being loved.  I want to be with my female caregivers at all times. I admit I can be a little possessive of them.  I will snuggle as long as they will allow.  I also LOVE to sleep in the bed and lounge on the couch!

It was evident to my new foster home that I was hit by a male in my first home.  I tried to be loving, but he wasn’t very nice to me at all.  So, I am a little weary and uncomfortable around men that I don’t know.  If they move too fast or yell, I will run for cover with my head down and my tail tucked.  A few times I have barked or growled at them.  It took me a few days to realize that my foster father is a good guy!  Now every evening I stop by his chair for ear scratches and lots of licking.

My foster mom says that with continued love, my fun-loving, out-going personality will continue to flourish.  Oh, my foster family doesn’t have something called, kids, so we don’t know how I will behave around them. 

I have been eating a high caloric dry food because my foster family hopes that it will put some weight on me and help me grow and fill out more prior to finding a family of my very own. 

I will be ready for adoption on Feb. 4th.  My foster family is happy to answer all questions from my new potential family!  Is that you? 

If you’d like to adopt Cagney, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.