• Status: Available for Adoption - August 8, 2017
  • Adoption Fee: $250
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: Approx. 2 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  Yes, 10+ years old
  • Good with dogs: Yes, Medium to Large
  • Good with cats: No
  • Vaccinations:  Current
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes

Bio: Diamond is a very pleasant young Rottweiler that appears to be in good health and is spayed.  

Diamond does not seem to know how to play.  It took a lot of interaction to get Diamond to even play a little.  She loves to run around the yard if you are in the yard with her.  She will continue to come back to you and check in with you.  She is also very content to just sit by your feet in the grass and chill.  She gets frustrated when you leave the yard, or if she has been doing something and looks up and can’t find the human that was in the yard with her.  She is not overly vocal, she barks at the appropriate stimulus, and is not overly excessive about it. 

Diamond is wonderful with most people.  Youngest child that we have tested her with is 6 yrs. old.  She is ok with kids, but doesn’t really like them much younger than 10 yrs. She does jump up, if people are moving too fast past her, but is learning to sit, and down, impulse control, and go to bed. She is completely house trained and she thinks she is a lap dog, but she will lay nicely by your feet in front of the couch on a dog bed.

She has a much more difficult time with men, then she does with females.  She shows wariness around men for about 2-3 minutes, whereas women she instantly likes. The different men that we introduced her to varied in race, and some had beards, and some wore hats and glasses. The biggest difference that we noticed with people was how they spoke to her when they approached her.  If they spoke softly and nicely, she was almost immediately won over.  If they were loud and came to her fast and hard, she was instantly wary and backing up barking.

Before coming into rescue, Diamond was not socialized with other dogs of different breeds and sizes well. She does not know how to play with other dogs. She does not know how to read other dogs body language, and is a get in your face type of dog.  She does fine when there is a fence of some sort between her and another large dog, but putting them together will require training, time and patience (when we did, she was immediately overwhelmed to the point of careful consideration for placement with another dog in the family. 
She can walk on leash near another dog –ok (not great, but just ok).

She gets extremely intense whenever she sees a cat, so much so, that we have not done any cat introductions, without her pulling hard on the leash. She is extremely intense around small dogs, especially if they are running. She should not go to a home that has cats or small dogs at all. At least not until behavioral modification training is done with her in a positive manner.

I truly believe that Diamond is a good dog that can live a great life with a loving family. She is a great dog that is very lovable and truly wants love from the humans around her, but she is reactive, especially around small dogs and cats, most likely due to lack of socialization as a puppy. 

If you’d like to adopt Diamond, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.