• Status: Available for rehoming
  • Adoption Fee: Contact Salem Animal Rescue League
  • Current Age: 7yrs
  • Good with kids: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes (some, prefers to be only dog)
  • Good with cats: No
  • Location: Salem, NH 
  • Contact:  1-603-893-3210

June 19, 2016 Update:  

Pepper is now with Salem Animal Rescue League.  Her adoption profile is available at

April 29, 2016 Update:

Pepper has been with us at the Grayson Humane Society since July 2015!  She is a great gal and deserves a loving forever home.  Despite her extented stay at the shelter, her temperament is Passive and Happy- but she has shown some dog aggression.  She is okay with men and women.  She is strong and may unintentionally knock over small children.  

She does need to be the only dog in the home.  She will fence fight with certain dogs that pass her kennel and she will race up and down the fence between play yards (but that seems more like play than aggression). There was an incident with Pepper on a leash and a small dog came up to her and would not go away.  Pepper was curious about her but did not try to go after her.  She is quite strong. We have tried her with another bigger male while they were both on leash, and she did not like him.

Pepper will also do best in a home with no cats. 

We feed Pro Plan lamb and rice (I think). We give her 5 cups with a little wet food. She eats all of it. She also likes treats but we don't do a lot of those.

She is in a kennel (outdoor - covered) at the Grayson County Humane Society, city shelter. If the weather gets extremely cold, the dogs are kenneled inside and she is very good about being crated.

July 28, 2015 (update from Shelter)

Pepper was picked up in town -- I think she had a cat treed and the city picked her up. We think she has been a resident before and kept waiting to hear from the person, but no one has come forward for her. We estimate Pepper to be around 7 years old. She had already been spayed and we have had her heartworm tested and updated her shots. She probably weighs close to 80 lbs -- maybe more. She is a hefty girl. She walks well on leash except when she is headed to the play yard where she can potty. She does not mess her kennel ever. During the extremely cold weather when we had to crate some dogs inside, Pepper was great about going into her crate and was very quiet and undemanding until we were able to get her out the next morning. She will run up and down the fence line with dogs on the other side and has been known to fence fight -- primarily when she is in her kennel. We have not tried her with other dogs. One day when I tried taking her in the office, she was SO focused on the cats in the cages, it was hard to get her to come back outside. Since she had a cat treed and based on her behavior, I would say she is not good with cats. She is a very pretty girl and seems to be a very nice dog, but she may need to be in a one-dog family. We recently learned that Pepper's name had been Daisy and she has belonged to a couple of different people. At one time she may have been tied out.

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April 2016 -- easily gets in car

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