MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue

Referral / Courtesy Listing - Waiver of Liability

This waiver is only to be used in the event that the applicant or listing party has already completed 1 or more MARR online applications and all pertinent information regarding the animal and the owner's contact info has already been obtained.

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I hereby attest that all of the information I have submitted via any online MARR application(s), is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further acknowledge that MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue does not own dog that is being listed, it is the property of the listing party named above. MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue and its representatives accept no responsibility for this rottweiler nor does it guarantee its present or future medical condition and/or temperament. I also understand that is a courtesy posting, and any/all potential applicants will be directed to the listing party, and not managed by MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue. I agree by initialing this line and typing my name it’s the same as signing a legal document. Enter your name and date