• Status: Available for adoption through St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center
  • Adoption Fee:  $60
  • Current Age: approximately 6 yrs
  • Good with kids: I would not recommend small children she can be a little skittish older children who know how to behave around her would be fine
  • Good with dogs: Yes loves other dogs
  • Good with cats: If they stand up to her she will run if they run from her she likely would chase them.
  • Good with men:  I was informed she did not like men but her two favorite people since she has been with us are both men. She does take a cautious approach to new people particularly if myself or Chuck are not with her.
  • Good with women: Yes but she does take a cautious approach to new people particularly if myself or Chuck are not with her.
  • House Trained:  Yes
  • Location:  St. Peters, MO
  • Spay/Neuter:  Yes
  • Current vaccinations:  Yes
  • Contact:  636-949-7500 or

Bio:  Roxy was originally requested to be taken in by MARR in December of 2014 the owner stated that she had issues with men and did not like her husband at all so she needed to surrender her. A MARR volunteer at the time who had Rottie experience wanted to take her and since her home check had gone well and since her rotties at the time of that check were well behaved the adoption was arranged around MARR. Things did not go well after that as the "experienced" owner made a crucial mistake and Roxy ran loose for five days before being picked up by Animal control. Recently I was contacted about a MARR dog being surrendered at The Humane Society of Missouri and with help from MARR we discovered it was Roxy, I immediately had her arranged to be transferred over to us at St. Charles County and I have been working with her everyday.

Roxy once you have earned her trust she is full of love and playfulness and when she has that trusted person on the other end of the leash she is full of confidence and walks right up to anyone without that person she is very cautious around people but does not show aggression. Every morning Roxy goes out to play in the yard with the other dogs and every afternoon I take her out for walking and playing she is just a hoot! She insist on walking the entire inside of the building so she can check out every room and person in it for attention she is truley loved and a staff favorite around here all the people in the rooms faces light up when she walks in. Out of curiosity I let her walk up to a declawed cat in it's kennel and when that cat smacked her in the nose she screamed and ran out of the room dragging me behind her so she can live with another cat if it will stand up to her.

Roxy will make a wonderful pet and would do great in a home with another dog friendly dog with a fenced in yard and no small children. She does need her new people to be patient with her and take it slow and allow her to get comfortable, a quite home would be best.

If you’d like to adopt Roxy, please contact Donnie at 636-949-7500 or