• Adoption Fee: 
  • Current Age: 6 years
  • Good with kids: Yes, came from family with kids 8-13 yrs and is in contact with 6 and 8 yrs regularly at shelter
  • Good with dogs: Needs to be muzzled/separated from male dogs
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • House Trained: Unknown (was outside dog)
  • Location: Wright, KS
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes
  • Contact: Monica Seaton (620) 22-6096 mms3@dodgecity.net
Characteristics: Jr was found running at large locally with his housemate Molly. Jr adores kids and gets so excited when he sees them and wags his little nub nonstop! He lived with previous owner for 2 months and before that lived with owner who was gone from home frequently. Jr. doesn’t like to be left closed up and will destroy or troubleshoot to get out of the enclosures. Molly is bonded to Jr. and Jr. has separation anxiety when separated from Molly. JR. is very interested in food. Jr. really wants/needs a family to interact with. The shelter environment isn’t for him. He destroys his bed and surroundings because he is bored.

Temporary 30-Day Freeze on Intakes: Due to the influx of rotties recently brought into MARR with medical issues requiring treatment and surgery, MARR is placing a temporary freeze on intake processing, effective 5/4/22.