• Adoption Fee: 
  • Current Age: 1.5 years
  • Good with kids: Gets too excited so no young kids
  • Good with dogs: Has only been with one other dog and does fine so slow intros would be necessary
  • Good with cats: Did fine when he was a puppy but no longer with a cat
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Location: West Peoria, IL
  • Neuter/Spay: No
  • Current vaccinations: Yes
  • Contact: Adrianna Ingram (309) 453-7959 adriannajoon94@gmail.com

Characteristics: Zeus is a sweet boy with a bundle of energy. He does love to jump and needs to be neutered as he does like to mount as well. He just needs some direction in his life. There were a couple of nipping incidents. They mostly occurred because of food aggression and he did not like his face being handled. He’s a very playful and hyper dog who loves chasing any kind of light. He’s a big boy who try’s to be a lap dog and he loves his ears rubbed. He has his moments when he wants to be left alone or when he’s territorial but he’s a good boy and he gives very wet kisses. He has a thing with plastic and likes to eat it so keep plastic away. Zeus does not like any type of moving vehicle. He goes after cars, bikes, scooters. He will need someone who will work with his nipping issues as he has punctured skin.

Temporary 30-Day Freeze on Intakes: Due to the influx of rotties recently brought into MARR with medical issues requiring treatment and surgery, MARR is placing a temporary freeze on intake processing, effective 5/4/22.