• Sex: Female
  • Weight: 63 lbs
  • Current Age 9 years
  • Good with Men: Yes
  • Good with Women: Yes
  • Good with kids: Unknown but probably ok as her temperament is very laid back
  • Good with dogs: Shelter has not tested but she has seen dogs outside with no reaction
  • Good with cats: Unknown
  • House Trained: Unknown
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes
  • Location: St Louis, MO

Characteristics: Poochie is the sweetest girl! She is so very lovable and happy-go-lucky even though she wasn’t well taken care of (she came into shelter as a stray)! She was happy to see me and leaned in for pets and was happy to get treats as well. She took treats gently and just looked like such a happy girl despite the hard times she must have had with her physical issues. She is HW positive, needs left eye removed and has a strange gait, almost like a bit of bowl-leggedness. She seemed to see well enough with her right eye. Had no problem finding the treats, although I’m sure smell could have helped also. She is very skinny and needs some meat on her bonesl Shelter does not test with other dogs or cats; however she has seen dogs while outside and has not reacted at all. She hasn’t been exposed to any cats but I personally think with slow intros she would do ok as I feel her personality is very laid-back and chill. Shelter pegged her at 9 yrs old but to me she looks younger and she has a lot of spunk to her and I think she would like to play with other dogs. Shelter has started her on doxy and they will send the rest of the doxy with her if she goes into rescue. She looks like she has had litters before. This girl is precious and I hope we can find a foster for her! She deserves a chance for love for her golden years!

Temporary 30-Day Freeze on Intakes: Due to the influx of rotties recently brought into MARR with medical issues requiring treatment and surgery, MARR is placing a temporary freeze on intake processing, effective 5/4/22.