πŸ›‘ Urgent request πŸ›‘

PLR family. I need your help with a sweet girl. All day, every day, your feed is filled with pleas from rescues for fosters,adopters, funding, volunteers, transporters, and more. We know this. Today I bring you a unique situation. Miss Opal is in need of help. Before coming into rescue, she was bred incessantly and used as an atm every heat cycle. Eventually she was surrendered to a rural shelter, and she sat sad and alone. 

She was pulled by a sister rescue, and Opal is one of PLR’s inspirations to form a rescue. I pulled her along with our VP and took her to her foster with an amazing rescue. They cared for Opal and her babies. Not too long after, she was diagnosed with heart worm. You could see the exhaustion on Opals face at this point. She was anxious, tired, and done. We don’t blame her. The rescue shelled out tons of money to treat her once her babies were weaned. 

Eventually all her babies got adopted. This was nearly 2 years ago. You read that right. Sweet Opal has been waiting for her home for two years. 

Opal is very attached to her humans. She needs to be a one and only, no other animals in the home. She is a couch potato. She suffers from some anxiety, so being crated is essential to her success. She is housebroken, leash trained, dewormed, and fixed. She is very loyal. She has been through basic obedience. 

We want to place Opal in a foster home. We know there HAS to be one out there for her – that will see her through to her success of finding a furever. We will do whatever it takes to help her get to her happily ever after. We are desperate to see her happy and the tail wag that all dogs deserve. Please see the array of photos, one includes an old photo of me (Allie) with her the day she came, with her puppies, and now. We will keep posting her. Please share her as far as you can. Opal deserves her happy ending. 

With love, 

Allie β™₯️ 

Opal is currently with Bridges To Home in New Mexico and we are working together to find her placement. This should be considered urgent.

Stephanie Roberson <koolk9steph@gmail.com>

Temporary 30-Day Freeze on Intakes: Due to the influx of rotties recently brought into MARR with medical issues requiring treatment and surgery, MARR is placing a temporary freeze on intake processing, effective 5/4/22.