MARR Adoption Requirements
Please read the below in its entirety.

Minimum requirements for adopting from MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue are:

Previous large breed ownership experience

Demonstrated responsible dog ownership, and primary care of a dog to include spay/neuter of current family pets. Also, all pets up to date on vaccinations and (dogs) heartworm tested and on preventative.

Demonstrated financial stability and must be at least 21 years of age.

Proof of home owners insurance that covers Rottweilers. If you rent, we require a letter from your landlord giving you permission to keep a Rottweiler on the premises and you must have Renter's Insurance that covers Rottweilers.  Please note that many insurance companies will cancel your homeowners policy if you own a Rottweiler. It is the adopter's responsibility to check with his or her carrier to ensure coverage will remain in place.                   

We strongly prefer yards that are fenced in by chain link, wrought iron or privacy fencing. Homes with no fences will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Invisible fencing is not acceptable.

Adoption Policy

We are happy to hear from people interested in giving one of our wonderful dogs a responsible, lifelong home. Rottweilers become deeply attached and devoted to their families. They were bred to share in all aspects of their family's daily life - being with you in your home and going with you when you go out. They thrive being near you with a head or paw in your lap. Our Rottweilers are adopted as inside family pets only.  If you feel you may not truly enjoy having a dog's constant companionship, enjoy having him sleep in your bedroom at night and share your activities by day, then you may be happier with a breed less oriented to human companionship.

Much like toddlers, puppies cannot go all day long in a crate and need to be let out often, so as a general rule, on the rare occasion we have one in foster, preference is given to homes where someone is home during the day or part thereof.

Our adoption fees are:

  • $350 for dogs 0-6 months
  • $250 for dogs 7 months to 5 years
  • $200 for dogs 5 years and older

The adoption fee is for the reimbursement of medical expenses including spay/neutering for each dog, vaccinations, a heartworm test and heartworm preventative, frontline and any shelter pull fees.  It also helps to offset the cost of vetting a dog for basic conditions such as kennel cough, intestinal parasites or urinary tract infections that many dogs bring with them from the shelters as well as more serious things such as heartworm treatment or other necessary surgical procedures. 

Our Rottweilers are placed into families throughout the Midwest. Please e-mail us to see if we are your "local" rescue. You may live in an area with an established Rottweiler Rescue, and we ask that you please look first at their Rescue operations. Click here for a national List of Rottweiler Rescues.

We are a Not For Profit organization. Every cent of the adoption fee literally goes to the dogs. All of our Rottweilers are spayed or neutered: no exceptions. After adoption we are available to assist and advise our adoptive families in any way we can. If for any reason an adoption doesn't work out, we will work with you to take the dog back. 

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All information is kept strictly confidential.