Name: Betty
Location: Tulsa, OK – Betty is also available for direct adoption at City of Tulsa Animal Welfare: (918) 596-8000
Sex: Female

Age: 1 1/2 yrs
Weight: 82 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with Men: Yes. Her current foster home has a man in it and we receive photos of Betty snuggling him in the recliner/in bed.
Good with Women: Yes. Her current foster home has a woman in it and Betty also adores her. Several staff members are women and we have never had any issues with Betty
Good with Dogs: Yes – Betty is great with medium to large dogs. We have not seen her around small dogs but when she is in a playful mood – she can sometimes not realize her size.
Good with Cats: No, Recommend a home with no cats as she was returned to the shelter for chasing the cat in the home.
Children: At adoption events, she has been fine with kids. Loud noises don’t bother her, kids petting her or running around don’t bother her. Betty just loves everyone and wants to know what you are doing. She is good with children but may knock over a small child if she get too excited/rambunctious.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: ): Healthy teeth, shiny coat, healthy ears and weight, no visible swelling, wounds, or other injuries.
Rabies: 2/21/23
Parvo/distemper: 6/22/23
Bordatella: 6/22/23
Heartworm test: 2/23/23 (Negative) on Ivehart prevention
Characteristics: Betty is currently being fostered through the shelter but the foster family can’t keep her much longer and Betty will be at risk for euthanasia if she goes back to the shelter due to space! Betty has been a staff favorite since she originally came to us as a stray 01/25/23. She has always been sweet, outgoing, doesn’t hesitate to greet new people as long as they will give her attention. Betty loves long walks and daily enrichment – if she is properly exercised, she does well on leash and enjoys naps with her people on the couch. She has come in and out of our care for months due to no fault of her own. Betty also loves stuffed/squeaky toys and will howl when she gets excited for her bones or toys. Betty is a sweet girl and a total people dog. She has ridden well in a vehicle and in the van. Minimal vocalization. She’s 50/50 on jumping in a vehicle; sometimes or you having to pick her up to put her in (or help her to get in). She doesn’t try to run out when loading her.

Eval from current foster: Betty is very interested in other dogs and wants to play. She has some bad manners and plays too rough which sometimes can make the other dogs annoyed. Would not recommend placing with small children due to size and playing too hard. Betty takes treats very gently. ): Healthy teeth, shiny coat, healthy ears and weight, no visible swelling, wounds, or other injuries. Betty is a high energy dog that loves snuggling her people just as much as a good game of fetch. She is completely house trained, has never had an accident, and is not reactive to noise. When she wants you to play with her, she does nip (it does not hurt, but definitely a bad habit that needs to be broken) and when you’re playing with her she can get carried away and start using her mouth. She would never mean to hurt someone on purpose but just something that her new owners should be aware of. Upon meeting Betty she seems indifferent to humans. Once she is relaxed she is a lap dog. She loves laying at my feet while I work and loves pets. She presents super, super high energy but I think that’s just nervous energy because once she calms down she is a couch potato. Betty is the perfect amount of cuddly and playful. She also is good about reading our energy. When we’re ready to play, she is always down. When we want to lay on the couch, she is right there with us. She is also really good in the car! She has been placed once and the only reason she was returned was she does not get along with cats. I think Betty would benefit from an active family that has the financial means to send her to training to help with her separation anxiety/nipping/chewing and to send her to doggy day care 1-2 times a week to help her socialize with other dogs or the time and patience to work with her on getting rid of those habits. She is very smart but she’s stubborn and definitely wants her way. She is very trainable with a jar of peanut butter 😊