Name: Butch
Location: Yukon, OK
Sex: Male
Weight: 82 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: Approx 2 yrs
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes (see video)
Good with Cats: was interested in cats when walking by but not aggressive at all
Children: Yes
House Trained: Unknow, but he doesn’t go in his pen; he waits until he gets outside
Crate Trained: Unknown
Medical Issues: None observed; shelter doesn’t have funding to do vetting with the dogs
Immunizations: The shelter does not have funding to neuter, vet dogs or do heartworm test. MARR will pay for all vetting and neuter if we get a foster for him; If Butch is heartworm positive, foster will need to be willing to keep Butch through heartworm treatment (MARR covers cost).
Heartworm test:
Characteristics: Butch is super sweet and lovable. He is a young playful boy who loves life! He came into the shelter as a stray but has been such a good boy with no known issues. He does know a few commands; sit and lay so believe he has had some training. See videos for good introduction to Butch’s personality!
Notes from evaluator: I took my seven-year-old grandson to the shelter today to meet Butch and he is unbelievable! He is smart and friendly and loves kids and loves men and women and is well behaved. When they took him to the glass enclosure where the cats are, he seemed interested, and possibly wanted to play but I did not see aggression towards them, but that one I’m not sure of. Also they said he has no food aggression of any kind that they have seen. They really love him there and I do too ! He did well with dog test; Butch was wagging his little nub although it did take a few seconds for him to warm up but more interest/curiosity and not aggression. The little dog was a male also and Butch isn’t even neutered yet! Butch is Urgent! He has been at shelter almost 30 days and his deadline is imminent.
See video links below:
Butch with staff member outside:
Butch with female staff member:
Butch with small male dog:
2nd video with male dog: