Name: Cocoa
Location: Indianapolis IN

Contact Info: (name Dorrie Seguin and email and/or phone)

Rehoming/Adoption fee: $175
Sex: female
Weight: 91 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: spayed
Age: 3
Good with Men:  yes
Good with Women: yes
Good with Dogs: some, just depends would need a meet and greet
Good with Cats: no
Children: older children that knows to respect her space
House Trained: yes
Crate Trained: yes
Medical Issues: none known
Immunizations: yes
Rabies: due 20 March 2025
Parvo/distemper: due 20 March 2025
Bordatella: last given 1/23/2023
Heartworm test: due now
Characteristics: Cocoa is a sweet girl who is loving on her terms of when she wants pets and scratches which is often just not when she is laying down chillin in the crate cause that is her quiet time. She is not the

Huggy and cuddles type and is not Velcro. She likes to be outside in the yard and exploring for hours at time. She needs a little training to help with her resource guarding. She will drop whatever she has when presented with some food or treats. So very food motivated to learn. She is a pretty chill dog only barks if she hears something or sees something out the window. She doesn’t get along with my small dog and I was rehoming  her for my husbands cousin who had her since 8 weeks old.