• Current Age 5 year
  • Good with kids: Is good with infant daughter (10 months old) but has not been around other kids)
  • Good with dogs: He has only been around a handful of dogs. He gets excited and plays. Never had any issues.
  • Good with cats: He has only been around cats once and he was chased around the house by them.
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes
  • Medical Issues: Dozier started having seizures about 2 years agoa. His seizures are very sporadic. He sometimes goes for months without one and sometimes have a few in one week. It is very important that he has his medication every 12 hours. We currently give this to him at 8 am and 8 pm but it can be moved. His medication ranges from $100-$300 per month.

Characteristics: Owner has a new born daughter and is concerned for her safety when Dozer has seizures. Dozer i a very fun and loving dog. He is extremely loyal and protective over the daughter and mother. He loves to play with his bone and his toy chicken. His favorite treats are hot dogs. He knows how to sit, lay and shake. Belly rubs and ear scratches are his favorite and he will sit on your lap if you will let him. Playing in the hose is super fun when it is hot outside. If you leave the front door open, he will be the neighborhood watch dog. Dozer is a sweet lug of a boy!