Age: 10 months – 1 year

Good with kids: unknown but may knock them down

Good with dogs: Very playful. Can play rough

Good with cats: No

House Trained: Yes

Location: Hobert, IN

Neuter/Spay: Yes

Current vaccinations: Yes

Contact: The Humane Society of Hobart (Danielle Harmston) (219) 942-0103 email:

Franklin is an over sized, playful puppy! He does not know how big he is and he likes to throw his weight
around when he plays. He loves to play fetch and sprint around. He loves playing with other dogs similar
to his size, he is too rough for small dogs. Franklin is very clever and will test you to see how much he can
get away with. He responds very well to a stern, consistent handler. Franklin was adopted and did great in
the home, he loved playing with the resident dogs and took correction from them well when they wanted
him to stop humping. He slept all night in the crate and was never destructive. The adopter said he didn’t
have any accidents. He is very stressed at the shelter and finding placement for him is urgent.