Name: Harley2
Location: Warsaw, MO
Sex: Female
Weight: 60-70 lbs
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Age: 6 yrs
Good with Men: Yes, she had a male owner

Good with Women: Harley was very eager to greet both of the women who came out to assess her for rescue placement. She jumped up for greeting with a wagging tail and continued to ask for petting throughout our interaction. She happily sat for treats and did shake with both hands. She allowed me (a female) to pat her down both her sides, chest, and hind quarters without any pulling away, cowering, etc.
Good with Dogs: Harley lived with 2 other dogs, 1 female, 11 y.o., shorter than Harley, maybe 40 lbs? , and an elderly male beagle mix. When providing temperment testing with my neutered male 100 lb. GSD 6 y.o., she would shy away to my other side when passing him. When we stopped walking and my dog stuck his nose out a bit Harley did curl her lip. When doing parallel walks or walking behind him she did not react or shy away. She seemed a bit timid with a male dog bigger than her.
Good with Cats: Yes, Harley has been around toddlers and babies, even living with some for a little while, without any issues reported.
Children: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: No
Medical Issues:
Heartworm test:
Characteristics: Owner had heart attack in Spring 2023 and is unable to care for the pets. Neighbor has been feeding and giving potty breaks twice a day since May 2023. Harley is a playful, happy girl who appears to be very eager to please **(see attached video of Harley giving kisses)**. She is highly treat motivated and soaks up every ounce of affection and attention she can get! She is gentle in taking her treats from people and was very happy to show off her sit and also shake with both paws. Harley gets alone well with the 2 older dogs she lives with who are smaller than her. She also has cats in the home.  Harley is timid around dogs larger than her, but may be able to overcome this with proper introduction and training. Harley will be extremely easy to train given her high desire to please and gain praise and affection as well as treats. Harley is anxiously awaiting a home full of love who will enjoy teaching her new tricks and getting her manners solid. She did jump to greet us, but this is easily worked on and she was able to sit quickly when asked when a treat was offered. She has only had a caregiver checking in a few times a day since May of 2023, so any quirks she may have like jumping may not be an issue when in a home where she receives love, attention, and consistency. Harley is super smart and will be easy to train! I would say she is between 60-70izh pounds. She is such a lovebug!