• Adoption Fee: $250.
  • Current Age: Approx. 5 1/2 Years Old.
  • Good with kids: He loved kids, but is a large dog and can knock over small children.
  • Good with dogs: Protects his toys and food.
  • Good with cats: Unknow.
  • House Trained: Yes.
  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes.
  • Current vaccinations: Some, working on paperwork for the rest.
  • Contact: Gretchen at 405-408-7394 or gretchen.loraine@gmail.com

If you’d like to rescue Hopper, you can contact Gretchen at 405-408-7394 or gretchen.loraine@gmail.com.

Bio: My big boy Hopper originally came to us through a breeder purchase. Full blood but is neutered. He was trained as an emotional support dog for Anxiety/PTSD and is very attentive to people in the home and will seek to be near them at all times unless crated. He is calm in the home unless played with. He thinks he is a lap dog as he was trained to provide weight/pressure support. He is obsessed with tennis balls and will play fetch and catch until you make him stop. If no one will play he will dribble the ball for himself or
use an automatic ball thrower if coached. He is trained in basic obedience using hand signals for come, stay, down, sit, heel, roll over, shake. He also responds to the corresponding voice commands. He is leash
trained but will heel throughout the house as asked to provide walking support. He understands commands for outside, eat, drink, and crate ‘go home”. The person to whom he was ESA is no longer at the home
and does not wish to retain the dog. He is a family pet and used to activity and children and play but the home no longer offers him enough opportunity to exercise his potential and he is bored and getting slightly
overweight. He needs love and attention and walks and play and cuddling. I will warn you that he sheds ALOT and will need groomed. He also needs an elevated food bowl or else he will swallow much air and will then clear the room later. He is a bit aggressive with other dogs if they are not submissive, and he does not like to share his tennis balls but will share other toys. He will be very protective of his crate, space and food/bones. He will try to steal other pet’s food and get any people food he can reach. But he is a wonderful and sweet majestic dog that needs more than my current home can provide him. I do not wish for him to be in a shelter or with an unkind owner or anyone who will dogfight him so I will keep him if a suitable owner/family is not found. I would love to see him become companion to a disabled veteran or a one dog family with kids to play with who will let him sleep in the bed.

If you are interested in adopting Hopper please contact Gretchen at 405-408-7394 or gretchen.loraine.gmail.com