Meet Indigo! She is a 4 year old female Rottweiler! Indigo is a sweet gentle soul. She craves human interaction and attention. She does well with other dogs and humans! She is a lap dog and loves belly scratches! She can be timid at first but she easily opens up to meeting new people. She is very affectionate and confident in herself and overall is very calm around others. 

Indigo and her sister Serena are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Indigo is the more confident of the two and is learning to walk on a leash. She is more comfortable with meeting new people, but she helps her sister learn to be around others! She is very approachable and easily lovable. Indigo will do best in a home with another dog. It is suggested that she go to a home with a fenced yard to help her adjust to her new environment. She is slowly becoming braver everyday and walks very well on a leash. She will do great in a new home and is very excited to meet you!