Name: Jax
Location: Anahuac, Tx

Contact Info: (name and email and/or phone) Brenda Mills, 713.560.4014 cell,

Rehoming/Adoption fee: $250
Sex: Altered Male
Weight: 66 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered
Age: 18 to 24 mo
Good with Men: yes
Good with Women: yes
Good with Dogs: yes 
Good with Cats: unknown
Children: yes
House Trained: unknown
Crate Trained: yes, based on his inside pound kennel is clean and outside pound kennel is used as a potty area. 
Medical Issues:  Jax has a missing toe and possibly a fractured toe also. As you can see on x-rays, his foot and leg are riddled with metal (pellets, BB’s). The vet removed a bone fragment as it was causing healing issues with the foot. Jax will remain on pain killers and antibiotics. His foot is wrapped. If he continues to improve, we will treat conservatively. If not, we will consider amputation. However, we would like him to recover in a home rather than the pound to keep him clean, comfy and reduce risk of infection. 

He is hw neg, neutered as of today, utd on vaccines and rabies and utd on flea/wormer/hw prevention. Basically, medical done except if leg gives further issues. If that is the case, it would be a straight forward amputation. He was putting weight on his foot after pain meds started so we are optimistic! 

Immunizations: utd
Rabies: 5.9.23
Parvo/distemper: 5.5.23
Bordatella: 5.5 23
Heartworm test: neg
Characteristics: Jax is a trooper! He has remained friendly and happy through his incarceration at t be pound and now recovery of being shot and a surgery. He even was sweet to other dogs during tempermant testing as he was suffering with this trauma. What a great dog.