• Adoption Fee: TBD
  • Current Age: Approx. 3 Years Old
  • Good with kids: Yes.
  • Good with dogs: Yes.
  • Good with cats: Unknown.
  • House Trained: Yes.
  • Location: Peck, KS
  • Neuter/Spay: No.
  • Current vaccinations: TBD.
  • Contact: Vicky at 316-201-7477 or email at howlinghills1959@hotmail.com.

BIO: Karma came in from outside all excited.  Her back right leg has been “amputated” and she has a stub.  She runs around really well but tends to keep her back end low and she slips some but doesn’t seem to bother her.  She gets along with other dogs but would need to be slow intros and monitoring because she can get snippy with them when she’s bonded with her humans and she feels she’s not getting all the attention.  There was a little girl there, about 2ish and she was fine with her although she’s a little ruff and tumble, so would need to be monitored.  When the little girl started crying, Karma went up to lick her to make her feel better.  I was told her former home had a couple kids about 5 or 6.  Karma is potty trained.  We got the treats out and she immediately came to sit in front of us.  She also did downs without being told.  She got up on the couch with the lady and wanted to lay beside and on her.  I didn’t see any red flags but as always, will need a couple weeks decompression and slow introductions to dogs and people. 

If you’d like to rescue Karma 2, you can contact Vicky at 316-201-7477 or email at howlinghills1959@hotmail.com.