Name: Luna
Location:  Lafayette, IN
Sex:  Female
Weight:  84 pounds
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Age: 3
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes, although she and my female pit/shepard mix have fought over food or perceived food (bag of trash, dead rodent in back yard) – Since with us (1 year), she has not been around any other female dogs, just males and does fine. These fights have caused one, almost two, trips to the emergency room, as well as a bite injury to my son. This is why I have to find her another loving home.
Good with Cats: Yes, she lives with 3
Children: She loves everyone but is physical and doesn’t know her size. Also, smaller kids won’t be aware of making sure she isn’t protective over something and grabbing it, unaware that she’s protecting it.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: Torn CCL and needs surgery. Currently on carprofen for pain. No other issues.
Immunizations: Up to date
Rabies: Up to date
Parvo/distemper: Up to date
Bordatella: Up to date
Heartworm test: Last one was negative a year ago. I don’t believe we’ve had reason to test her since.
Characteristics: Luna is truly an amazing dog. Like most Rotties, she needs a strong and knowledgeable owner. She is protective of her food, so she happily goes in her crate to eat. She is playful, not overly clingy but does love to snuggle, doesn’t usually bark, and is calm most of the time. She gets on our beds and couch, but she seems to prefer the floor as I believe she was trained to not get on furniture. She was VERY well trained before we adopted her from the shelter. Takes treats gently, knows basic commands, and listens most of the time. Once she goes to sleep at night, she’s down for the night.

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