• Adoption Fee: ADOPTED
  • Current Age: Approx. 2 Years Old
  • Good with kids: Unknown.
  • Good with dogs: No, he would do better in a home with humans.
  • Good with cats: No.
  • House Trained: Working on it but does well.
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes.
  • Current vaccinations: Yes.

BIO: Hello!! My name is Ruger and I am a 2yr old fixed Rottweiler.  I weigh in at 95lbs of high energy love!  I just recently had entropion surgery on both of my eyes but they are healing well and I am so glad I can see the world pain free now! I have lots of energy and would really prefer a fenced in back yard so I can run and play!

Ruger is a confident male who needs a strong leader to keep him in line.  Once leadership is set, he responds well with treats and will respond to his current foster with simple praise.  He is a very smart dog that picked up on basic commands quickly including “sit” and “down”.  His foster can even put him in a “stay” and he will wait for his food to be spread out either in his kennel or his feeding mat.  Although he is kennel trained, he is pretty iffy on being house broken; currently he is taken out every 90-120 minutes to maintain an empty bladder.  Indoors he prefers to play with his blanket or large ball if in the basement or with a tennis ball while lounging on the couch with his foster parents.  He loves belly rubs and soaks up as much attention as you are willing to give. Head and cheek scratches are a plus.  He used to “puppy mouth” for attention but we have curtailed that down to a rare occurrence.

Outdoors Ruger is working on leash manners.  We have worked on close walking and sitting/staying. We have a ways to go here though as he is pretty strong and still pulls in different directions depending on what his nose finds.  Ruger is dog reactive although I have been able to distract a bit with treats.  He watches cars/trucks as they go by but has no reaction to them.  He has also encountered kids playing basketball and has no reaction there except to want to chase the ball if it goes off the playing area.

Strangers need to be introduced slowly allowing Ruger to get to know them a bit before any attempt is made to pet him.  Small children tolerance is unknown.  MARR had a teenager visit and he did very well with her.  He seems to respond better to men although with proper introduction gets along with the gals also.

There are plans in place to initiate training with a muzzle and a gentle leader.  Also have plans to start door threshold training.

Overall, with the right owner, Ruger is a loveable, smart Rottie that with some patience and training would be a great family member.

If you’d like to rescue Ruger, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.