Just Say No to Aversive Training


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Aversive Training

MARR does NOT allow the use of what we as a board (and the LIMA training community as a whole) consider aversive training tools. Those specifically include:


  1. shock/stim/e collars (including wireless fences).
  2. choke chains or other slip collars that do not have a stop, pinch/prong collars.
  3. “alpha” type training (submission, rolling, fear/pain or intimidation).

Training Explanation

This is based on current data and studies that show us that the effects of these training tools and approaches have a negative effect on a dog’s overall temperament and behaviors as well as can exacerbate any issues with fear or reactivity/aggression.

MARR Recommendations

  • martingale collars.
  • balance harness (occasionally the halti, depending on the dog).
  • regular 6’ lead.

Behaviors that are reinforced will always be repeated- dogs don’t learn efficiently through punishment, so we focus on reinforcement.  That can be a lot of things to a dog… usually food, but some will work for a ball, and some will work for freedom or praise.