• Adoption Fee: $350
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: 1 Year Old
  • Good with kids:  Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Yes
  • Vaccinations:  Pending

BIO: Abbie is a fun-loving little lady who has boundless energy and play drive! And she’s SMART. She’s got that Aussie brain and that Rott color without the Rott brawn. 🙂 Abbie will be spayed soon. She is potty and crate trained. She is solid on her SIT and she’s working hard to learn WAIT and EAT. Did I mention she’s smart??

Abbie is a crafty little thing who is super playful and goofy. She’s very affectionate and seems to be fine with new people and kids (although she’s a little jumpy still, so very young kids may not be a good fit.) She has met a few other dogs of all temperaments and gets along just fine, big or small. She has been to the farm and was interested in the horses, but her behavior was calm and appropriate. I did see some of that herding dog behavior peek out a couple times!

Abbie loves the water. She plays in the creek at the farm and really enjoys that. She spends a lot of time wrestling and playing tug with her foster sister Penny. It would be great if her forever family had another dog that she could play with!

She is still VERY much a puppy, and with that comes the usual puppy behaviors…she will chew things if she isn’t supervised. She is also an escape artist and will climb a 4-foot chain link fence, so if you have that at home, she will need to be on a tie out or constantly supervised until she can be taught to leave the fence alone. She also has escaped her harness, and her collar. She also uses her tongue and paws to maneuver the crate latches, so that will be something that you may have to reinforce! She’s got the type of brain that needs to be challenged and busy, or she will probably find herself something naughty to do. But this dog could be taught to do literally ANYTHING. Agility? She’d be a star. Herding? She’s got the instinct! Running partner? She could go all day after her joints mature. She’s had a great start in life and she’s ready to be your partner in all the cool stuff you do!!

Abbie is still learning her leash manners, but she’s getting better and better. She sometimes is vocal in her crate if she would like to be let out and you aren’t listening. But she’s quiet at night. She does have a tendency to jump on people still sometimes, but that’s getting better every day. She’s cute and sweet and I’m guessing she will mature to around 55-60lbs.

Abbie is adopted!