I am reaching out to you again in regards to a shy, sweet dog that we have named Bella. We have run out of options and have had to make the difficult decision to set an deadline for next week unless a rescue is able to take her.

She came to us via impound and her owner ghosted us, even after we attempted to tell her that Bella is FREE to pick up. Bella is a 6 year old female Rottweiler. She is up to date on rabies, distemper and bordetella. We are willing to spay her. 

The most complicated thing with Bella is her anxiety. She is very nervous with strangers and in unknown environments. She has lunged at a few people, all of whom were meeting her for the first time. When we were able to speak with her previous owner, she said that type of behavior is not how Bella truly is. I have been able to earn some of Bella’s trust and she has let me interact with her more and I can see the truth in her previous owners’ words. Bella is really a sweet dog. She wants to be a good dog. She’s just unsure of herself in this unfamiliar environment surrounded by unfamiliar smells, sounds and people. I think she just needs someone to have patience with her and let Bella become comfortable at her own pace. 

I’ve attached some pictures. One of which you can see her giving me a kiss. This is not something she would have done the first day or even first few days after arriving here. She just needs time and patience.


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