Name: Blocker
Location: Junction City, KS
Weight: 85 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Age: 1 year
Good with Men: yes
Good with Women: yes
Good with Dogs: yes, all sizes
Good with Cats: yes
Children: loves children, currently living with 4 and 3 year olds.
House Trained: yes
Crate Trained: yes
Medical Issues: enlarged prostate but should resolve now that he is neutered.
Immunizations: yes
Rabies: 08/24/22
Parvo/distemper: 08/24/22
Bordatella: 08/24/22
Heartworm test: 08/03/22
Characteristics: Blocker came to us after being chained (6ft chain leash) to a privacy fence for 3 weeks. He was able to stand up, and lay down. His food was scattered on the concrete/dirt, and no water was present. He arrived dripping blood from his penis, and urinating blood and clots. Blocker is very playful with other dogs, gets very excited when around kids, he will hop like a bunny when he is happy or excited. He did show some food aggression within the first 20 minutes foster had him, but he was living with food scattered in the dirt and no water. He does guard his kennel and even more particular when there is food in it, but other than that he does great. Foster does not feed him around other animals, but She does not feed any dog around another dog. He loves squeaky toys and does well in my 4ft fenced in yard.

Inital notes upon intake: Blocker was very open towards me when I went to pick him up, and even allowed me to lift him into my vehicle. Despite his pain, he let us examine him, complete a blood draw and x-ray. Upon bringing him home he started to warm up to me and began to sit on my foot and lick me. When my husband got home later that night he was unsure and initially barked and growled. We worked on creation for positive experiences with my husband so that way he can safely handle him when I am not present. Now Blocker is excited to interact with us as well as our children. Due to him being on medication for the UTI we are taking things
very slow. He has met the cats and one dog which was a short interaction.
Blocker is willing to train and seems forever grateful to be in a home where he can freely move, play, eat, drink, and relax. He often sprawls out on the floor and takes a snooze. Blocker did great at the vet–Easy going and did not require a lot of restraint. Does resource guard food so will need some work on that; however given he was living on a chain, who knows how often he was fed!