Name: BUDDY2
Weight: APPROX. 75 LBS
Spayed/Neutered: NO (will be following heartworm treatment)
Age: 1-2 YEARS
Good with Men: YES
Good with Women: YES
Good with Dogs: Did great with female rottie
Good with Cats: UNKNOWN but will be tested
Children: UNKNOWN
House Trained: Not upon intake but learning quickly
Crate Trained: UNKNOWN
Medical Issues: HW+ (just started doxy); Buddy does have a sores on both ears (fly bites perhaps) and he also has some sores around his neck which look to be from a prong collar perhaps. Otherwise, he is very healthy looking boy and about the perfect weight.  His teeth are very white so he is a young fella!
Immunizations: Vet waiting til after HW treatment
Parvo/distemper: UNKNOWN
Bordatella: UNKNOWN
Heartworm test: 6/7/22 – positive
Characteristics: Buddy was found on a busy street in a ditch with a rope around his neck.  His current caregivers are keeping him safe and well cared for.  Buddy is heartworm positive and his caregivers are paying for his treatment.  They would prefer for Buddy to be fostered in the Kansas City area (near Lee’s Summit). 
Notes from evaluator: I brought my female rottie to meet Buddy and when first meeting Athena, Buddy was whining and wiggly – anxious to get close and smell; there was never any tense body language – he just wanted to give her a lil sniffy sniff.  Buddy is young and playful and very interested in his surroundings; he wants to sniff and check everything out.  I was able to give Buddy pets most everywhere.  I did not attempt to touch his paws, however