• Adoption Fee: $250
  • Current Age: Approximately 3 Years Old
  • Good with kids: Unsure, it depends on the child.
  • Good with dogs: Unsure, it depends on the dog.
  • Good with cats: Unsure
  • House Trained:  Yes
  • Spay/Neuter:  Yes
  • Current vaccinations:  Yes

BIO:  Capone continues to be a wonderful little addition to our lives. He does very well on a leash and just loves kisses. He can sit, stay and shake on command. He will lay down when he feels like it but is a little stubborn on that one. He travels well in cars and loves meeting people. He lets you know when he needs to go potty and gets excited when you grab his leash. He’s not a jumper except when he is excited about going outside or if he thinks you have a treat. He can be pushy with attention pawing you into a position and he loves to play, especially at bedtime. If you howl, he will howl too and it is sooo adorable. He can even carry on a conversation and sass back. A great personality all around.

If you’d like to adopt Capone, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.