• Adoption Fee: 
  • Current Age 3 years
  • Good with kids: He is currently fostered with an 8 & 9 year old but they are very dog savvy. We would probably recommend a home without small children due to his rough play.
  • Good with dogs: He has been fine with other large females but does not do well with other male dogs. He does not share well with any dogs.
  • Good with cats: No
  • House Trained: Yes
  • Neuter/Spay: Yes
  • Current vaccinations: Yes

Characteristics: Cayden’s story is so amazing. Cayden came to our shelter as a stray. He was severally emaciated and struggling at only 52 pounds. Cayden was quickly diagnosed with advanced Blastomycosis. We were given two options, euthanize him or start aggressive treatments and hope for the best. The vet only gave him a 10-20% chance for survival due to the advanced stage of the infection. We opted to give treatments so Cayden went to the vet every other day for special IV medication and his foster mom treated him with IV fluids and supportive medication at home. It was a long battle and we
thought we would lose him several times but after 6 weeks he was able to complete the full course of medication. Cayden was very sick when he arrived to us so it has been very rewarding to watch him recover and learn his personality. Typical of the breed he can be a little bull-headed at times but when he bonds it is so evident and he really loves his people. My ideal
home for Cayden would be a single person or couple of middle age that is settled. Cayden is fine with kids but he is protective and I want to be sure that doesn’t become an issue later in his new home. He loves to nap on couches and also loves dog beds that are too small for him. He knows basic commands
but referring back to that bull-headed nature, he doesn’t always listen to them. He does well on leash but will pull when he gets very excited so we are working on that. He will chase birds, squirrels and cats but has never caught anything. He loves stuffies (stuffed animals) and finds great joy in pulling out the stuffing but he is very gentle about it. Cayden will be an amazing dog for the right person/household and we are excited to help him find that so that he can reach his full potential. Cayden is very structured and regimented and is very attached to his foster mom, so a foster-to-adopt situation is best for him. The transition will be difficult enough but hopefully he will just have to do it once!