Name: Chaos
Location: Princeton, IA
Sex: Male
Weight: 95 lbs.
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: Approx.  shelter estimated on intake he was 5 but honestly looks more like 3ish.  Likely being restored to good health makes him look more like his real age (was malnourished when he came into shelter)
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Interacts with other dogs but can be selective so slow intros needed
Good with Cats: No
Children: Yes, regular contact with children 2-6; however he does resource guard toys so small children not recommended unless very dog savvy and should be supervised.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: Has had entropion surgery, had heartworms but has been treated; Chaos looks healthy & well taken care of.  He came to the foster mom skin & bones & roughly 50-60 lbs.  He has come a long way.
Immunizations:  current on vaccinations

Heartworm test: is on HW prevention following HW treatment
Characteristics: Chaos was found as a stray tied to a fire hydrant and severely malnourished.  He was HW+ and needed entropian surgery. He was nursed back to health but is still learning how to be a dog. Chaos is sweet, friendly and goofy.  He playfully interacts with other dogs & shows no signs of aggression but he can be selective so slow intros needed.  He is fully potty trained, crate trained and treadmill trained. He would do best with a family that wants to keep him active and mentally fulfilled.
Notes from evaluator:  He resource guards his ball  & growls. The owner is able to get the ball from him & then he is ready to play again.  She has trained & worked with him to release the ball.  He will need to be reinforced to understand letting go.  Chaos is a very happy dog.  He loves attention and has the “rottie lean”.  He listens to commands and seems to get along with other dogs.  He is playful.  The owner mentioned it’s like he is just learning to be a dog.  He is a great dog who needs to be in a home where he can run, play & be a dog!. An active home will probably be good for him. Due to his toy guarding, the owner thinks he will be better in a home with children at least 10 yrs & up because younger children have a tendency to try taking toys out of a dog’s mouth without thinking about it.  Chaos  is a wonderful boy but he needs an owner who will create and reinforce boundaries for him.