Name: Claude
Location: Oklahoma City
Sex: Male
Weight: 66 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No
Age: approx 2 years
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Children: Unknown but likely fine based on temperament
House Trained: Unknown
Crate Trained: Unknown but does not potty in kennel
Medical Issues: Claude has a spot on his back that looks like a burn of some sort. He also favors his back right leg sometimes and he may have pulled it while he was in the lake or before.
Immunizations: shelter will not do any vetting
Heartworm test: 8/2/22 (negative)
Characteristics: Claude was found laying in a lake for approx 2 hours before he was rescued. The person who pulled him out loaded him into her car and he was very gentle. He took treats and was really good for his 30 minute ride to the shelter. Claude is a very gentle boy!
Notes from evaluator: Claude is the most easy going, mild-mannered rottie she has ever evaluated! He does not pull on a leash and he had no outward reaction when seeing other dogs on a leash; he just wanted to play. He was also kenneled with another male husky and did fine.
Claude knows sit, lay and comes every time he is called to come. Nothing distracts him. You can touch Claude all over and he is not sensitive to touch. He wasn’t very interested in toys but there was a lot going on around him.