Name:  Cronos (although we’ve been calling him Elroy because he is just not a tough guy! Lol)

Location: Dallas

Contact Info: (name and email and/or phone)  Karla Grimwood

Rehoming/Adoption fee: TBD

Sex: M

Weight: 78 lbs (putting on weight as he recovers)

Spayed/Neutered: will be neutered on 8/18/23 if he is healthy from URI

Age:  6 years

Good with Men: Yes

Good with Women: Yes

Good with Dogs: TBD

Good with Cats: TBD

Children: TBD

House Trained: He is if he has access in time to the outdoors. He is currently on a steroid causing him to need to go outside frequently.

Crate Trained: Haven’t tried

Medical Issues: URI, eye growth, heartworm positive

Immunizations: All from shelter including canine influenza

Rabies: Yes

Parvo/distemper: Yes

Bordatella: Yes

Heartworm test: Positive

Characteristics: Likes people, allows pets but not cuddly (yet), wiggles for treats and food, smart, walks very well on leash, easily redirected, no barking or any other reactive behavior, no resource guarding.