• Adoption Fee: $250
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Age: Approx. 1-2 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  No
  • Good with dogs: Possibly with slow introduction and integration.
  • Good with cats: No
  • Vaccinations:  Yes
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes

BIO:  Imagine how scary it must have been to be abandoned on the street, all alone, trying to find scraps of food to survive and a safe place to sleep at night. And then to be chased down by strangers and locked up in a small pen surrounded by hundreds of other dogs who were crying, barking and growling all the time… That was Kaylie’s story before MARR stepped in and rescued her.

After being pulled from the kill-shelter, Kaylie immediately went into the care of her foster family and has responded very well to her new surroundings. She spent the first several months with us decompressing and getting used to being near people without feeling defensive or fearing people may want to harm her. Now that she’s settled in, she actually loves meeting new people and new experiences and is continuing to learn that people are mostly good and don’t want to hurt her. As you can see – Kaylie is one beautiful young lady (we think she’s between 1-2 years old) who has a LOT of love to give. In fact, over the 4 months she has stayed with us, she has become an extremely affectionate, trusted and loving companion.

To ensure her continued success in her forever home and given her rough start in life, Kaylie will require a home that has real-life experience working with a dog that was likely intentionally traumatized or abused in some way. For example, Kaylie has made great progress but can still get very nervous when people she doesn’t know try to corner her or rush being affectionate with her or try to touch her too quickly. Her forever family will need to understand and respect her boundaries and be sure to set similar boundaries for interaction with others when Kaylie meets them. As Kaylie seems to have a general dislike for other dogs (likely from her time on the streets or when in the unsettling shelter environment) a home where Kaylie will be the only pet is required as well as one that provides a calm, mature environment without young children.

Kaylie is an incredibly smart girl and a super-fast learner. She is highly food-motivated and by using training treat rewards, she nailed down all commands (sit, stay, go, place, let’s go, come, shake, down, release etc.) in a single day and has also mastered hand-signal-only commands. Kaylie is also potty- and crate-trained (she requires a sturdy crate such as a ‘Smonter’ as smarty-pants can escape out of wire ones!) but she’s so good at night we don’t even bother locking the crate anymore as she’s completely earned our trust.

Kaylie is also now spayed and micro-chipped and walks well on-leash. If she sees another dog while out on a walk Kaylie will still act out by pulling, jumping and growling/crying but her new halti-lead is arriving this week and we will be working with her to try to curb those behaviors. Because of Kaylie’s stressing about other dogs, a home with a secure gate and a fenced yard for her to play in and go out potty is a must. Speaking of play, we are happy to share that Kaylie has found her puppy-joy and loves playing with her squeaky toy including having you throw it so she can retrieve it for you.
Mornings are Kaylie’s favorite time of the day and she just loves sitting next to you to cuddle and hold hands before breakfast. On the flip side, she’s can be stubborn and sometimes even a little grumpy at night if she’s asked to leave her big comfy dog-bed to go out potty but with a little encouragement (aka dog treats we keep by the door) she will sit and be leashed to go in and out. And during the day, Kaylie is just happy to be with you wherever that is – she’s a great office companion and loves to play the roll of sous-chef in the kitchen and patiently waits for any little treats you may share.

We know the perfect home for Kaylie is out there so please spread the word and share her story! We are absolutely convinced that in the right environment, this little girl (she’s only 70 lbs. by the way!) will continue to flourish! If you think you may be her perfect match just apply to adopt and start the process with my MARR friends!

If you’d like to adopt Crowe/Kaylie, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.