Name: Destiny
Location: Grand Island NE

Situation: Destiny gets along great with males but not females. She is beautiful and deserves a shot at a good home. My girlfriend and I are moving in together and she has 6 female pugs!
Sex: Female
Weight: 76 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 2 1/2 yrs
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Only male dogs. She does not like female dogs.
Good with Cats: Yes, but she does occasionally chase him. She doesn’t hurt him though. She’s just playing
Children: She is used to teenagers, and hasn’t been exposed to young kids.
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: No
Medical Issues:
Rabies: 6/23

Parvo/distemper: 6/23

Bordatella: 6/23
Heartworm test: 6/23 Negative
Characteristics: She is very vocal, rottie rumble and she does come across as defensive. She is workable with patience.. She can be slow to warm up to strangers and she can be vocal at times (rottie rumble). She is fine with male dogs, but does NOT get along with female dogs. She is a cuddler with a side of mischief and goofiness. She loves to play. She is a bit guarded when
she meets new people, but as long as they are patient, and let her make up her own mind she is fine. If pushed she will warn you to back off. She is a typical AKC Rottweiler. She should end up with someone who understands the breed. She does guard food and her toys at times from our male dog, but she doesn’t actually attack.

Notes from Evaluator: Destiny has been well cared for, however she has not been socialized or worked with much. She is still a great puppy! She has a reserved nature and she loves toys. She can resource guard her food and needs some leash training. She takes treats gently and appears very healthy. She lives with a 3-yr Belgian male Shepherd and a 12-year male lab; owner is moving in with girlfriend who has 6 female dogs and that is not a good fit for Destiny.