• Adoption Fee: ADOPTED!
  • Current Age: 7 Months Old.
  • Good with kids: Yes but older kids preferred. She jumps and can be rough when playing.
  • Good with dogs: Yes, but she can be a bit rough as she wants to play.
  • Good with cats: Unknown.
  • House Trained:  TBD.
  • Neuter/Spay:  TBD.
  • Current vaccinations:   Yes.

BIO: There are so many good things to say about Ellie! She loves to play but also snuggle up on the couch. If she is an only dog, she could be a couch potato. Ellie loves walks and to run and chase balls. If she has a playmate, she will play. A lot. Non-stop.

She gets along super well with her foster sibling who is a 13 pound 6 month old puppy. Ellie is very gentle and has never shown any aggression towards her. Ellie even lets her nip her legs and ears, and Ellie just rolls on her back to gently play. Together they do not know how to NOT play. So Ellie would still need to learn those boundaries. Ellie is most comfortable in her crate to rest and does well if the crate is in the living room. She has never had any accidents in her crate or in the house and can hold it for up to 5 hours or overnight. She’s not earned free roam of the house yet as she’s still puppy-like and may find mischief! Also, if you let her sleep on your bed with you, good luck getting her off of the bed!

Ellie hasn’t met any felines. Her foster mom doesn’t think she would hurt them but would try to play with them. Ellie does well with small dogs also but hasn’t met a dog her size yet. On walks she does not growl or try to chase larger dogs, so with slow, proper introductions and time to acclimate, she could do well.

She walks well on a leash and knows heel, sit and down. She’s working on stay. Ellie also knows leave it or drop it.
Ellie does not food guard, and you can sit and pet her while she eats. She’ll also allow you to take toys out of her mouth. Ellie even shares by letting her small dog foster sibling try to steal food from her bowl with no growling!

Ellie’s area of opportunity to improve is with jumping. It is getting better but still needs lots of work. Also, with the command come, sometimes she listens, and sometimes she doesn’t.

Ellie has liked everyone she’s met at her foster home, and gets along great with her foster mom’s older kids. She would probably be good with smaller kids once she learns not to jump. Ellie jumps gently but still jumps.

Ellie could do very well in a variety of different homes as she seems to like everyone and everything, she will just need lots of dedicated attention and training, especially in her young years right now. 

If you’d like to adopt Ellie, you can visit our Adopt page where you can find information on our adoption policies, and fill out an application.