• Adoption Fee: ADOPTED
  • Current Age: Approx 4 Years Old
  • Good with kids:  No
  • Good with dogs: No
  • Good with cats: He has never met a cat.
  • House Trained:  Yes
  • Location:  Whitefish Bay, WI
  • Neuter/Spay:  Yes
  • Current vaccinations:  Yes
  • Contact:   Amelia Mesirow 414-303-6223 or amelia.mesirow@gmail.com 

BIO: George is so loyal, loving, kind, protective and smart. He is a one person dog and is a great best friend. He sleeps next to your bed every night, lays in the bathroom while you get ready for work, and he gets up to check the safety of everyone at the sound of a car door. He needs this kind of closeness from his person. George can’t take long walks due to his spine, but he loves to walk. He won’t potty in the rain, but boy can he hold it, he is stubborn! He loves to watch television and somehow knows to bark when the villain is on screen. He also legit watches football. He is a picky eater, he will snub bones but knock you over to get some chips and salsa. He will lay in your lap all night, he still thinks he is a puppy. He is amazing and will make someone a best friend. He needs an environment that is conducive to his anxiety and a person that can help him with things that make him over excited. His anxiety causes him to be unpredictable. He needs space, no children, an experienced handler and a privacy fence. He would be ideal for a single person living in a remote location, as his guarding instincts are incredible. George has a lot of love to give his perfect best friend. Is that you?

If you’d like to adopt George, you can contact Amelia Mesirow 414-303-6223 or amelia.mesirow@gmail.com