Good with women: Yes Good with men: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Unknown- see below Good with cats: Probably not
House Trained: Unknown Neuter/Spay: Yes Current vaccinations: Yes

Characteristics: Grim is a beautiful Dog with lots of potential; just need a little help getting to that point. With a trainer Grim will be a great pet. He does have food aggression. Needs an owner that has time to work with him as he is still a puppy. Notes from evaluator: Grim is a beautiful 10-month old puppy who was very friendly and energetic. He did not display resource guarding with either food or toys although I did not try to take his food bowl away. He will need strong guidance and training and a lot of exercise to burn off that puppy energy. He met another male (both on leashes) and was very excited. He did not growl at all but did snap at him a couple of times; but unsure if he was playing or not. There was also play bowing going on. The dogs didn’t get close enough to make contact. Grim was already wound up and stimulated before the dog came into the room and and I think in a calm environment and slow intros he would be ok with other dogs.