Name: Gypsy
Location: Orion, IL
Sex: Female
Weight: 92 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 6 yrs
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Does fine but seems to prefer men. Gypsy has gotten better with my wife, but still gets a little nervous around her.
Good with Dogs: was fine with male rottie but the female rottie in home and Gypsy are showing more aggression towards each other. (see videos in attachments below for meet with male rottie). After watching more interactions with both dogs, Gypsy is not the aggressor, she is defending herself. She just wants to be friends and the other female rottie doesn’t care for her, she always wants to dominate her and fight.
Good with Cats: Unknown but likely not due to prey drive.
Children: Gypsy has growled at the 5 yr old granddaughter so no younger kids; recommended age 12 and older
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Doesn’t use one
Medical Issues: Gypsy had CCL surgery her right read leg on 9/2; she had followup on 9/13 to remove staples and she is doing fine. She has also had several laser therapy treatments to help with recovery. In December, it was noticed that she would not put any weight on left rear leg, she was taken in for an exam. Her other CCL was torn, she currently just got her staples out on Tues, Jan 10th, so she is currently rehabbing and getting better every day. Our vet says a minimum of 3 weeks to give her leg time to get stronger. She is cleared to travel, she just needs a quiet place to recuperate with no running, jumping, etc. leash walks are good, but not long ones. She will need help at first getting into a high profile vehicle due to her surgery.
Rabies: 7/27/22
Parvo/distemper: 7/27/22
Heartworm test: 7/27/22 (Negative)
Characteristics: Gypsy’s current owner rescued her from a coworker who was going to take her to the shelter. The resident female and her do not get along due to female dominance issues. Even though the owner wants to rehome Gypsy so she has a better life than having to share time with the other female, he paid for her ACL surgery so she would be healthy for going to a new home.
Gyspy is a lover of people, but tends to resource guard her food and toys sometimes. I think she would prefer to be the only female dog in a household due to dominance issues. Any kids would have to be older. She is also used to a yard that is fenced to run in. She loves Kong squeaky toys, hard boiled eggs with shell, hot dogs and Kraft cheese squares. Also loves squirrels. Cats might be seen as prey since they are small and move fast. She is very friendly at the vet and rolls on her back and sticks her head in their laps. It is believed she was possibly abused in another home. She gets a little whale eyed and licks her lips when you are petting her sometimes. She has gotten a lot better with not being as nervous. She is very vocal when you are petting her and rubbing her belly.

She has a very loud Rottie rumble which can be a little off-putting if you arent used to it. As far as toys, she will give them to you if you tell her to drop them, but will offer a paw to get you to give it back, Food is still iffy, she tends to give a small warning growl. She likely spent a lot of time previously in a kennel as the fur on her front elbows is rubbed off. Gypsy is a very sweet dog, but there is still some trauma that she hasn’t quite gotten over yet. If she is laying by you ,and you touch her, she jumps a little.
Notes from evaluator; Gypsy was very happy & excited to see us although it did take her a few minutes to warm up to us. She did not jump on us and knew to sit when told. She initially did growl a bit & get “bug eyed” and show a little teeth. But she calmed down quickly & wanted to be petted more. It was the “rottie growl/talk” She also would also curl her tail under her when she sits. Not sure if it was due to fear or uncertainty though. She also has the rottie lean. She preferred my husband over me but she was still friendly with me. Gypsy knows how to sit,, stay, lay down and does well on a leash. Overall, Gypsy seems like a very happy & playful dog. She gets excited and loves attention & people. She seems to prefer men over women, but would be good with a patient family with older children at least 10 & older. She will need time to recover from her surgery and slowly rehab. I do not know how she is with cats. I do not know if the aggression she was showing towards the resident female dog was because she doesn’t get along with other females. Or if the other female was the aggressor and Gypsy was just reacting. We did bring our male rottweiler and neither were aggressive with the other. Gypsy did not seem to even care he was there. Gypsy needs a rottie-savvy owner that understands and can work with her resource guarding. A quieter home with older kids is ideal but she should be fine with a male dog based on her meeting the male rottweiler.