Name: Honey

Location: Flat Rock, Illinois

Contact Info:

Rehoming fee:

Sex: female


Spayed/Neutered: yes

Age: 22months

Good with Men: yes

Good with Women: yes

Good with Dogs: yes as long as there is no toys

Good with Cats: yes

Children: yes as long as no food or toys

House Trained: yes

Crate Trained: unsure

Medical Issues: none

Immunizations: up to date

Rabies: up to date



Heartworm test: yes, negative and she is on monthly prevention

Characteristics: Honey has a great temperament, she loves to cuddle, she is a licker! She is possessive over toys, she has been possessive around food once. She can sit and stay on command(for the most part). Honey gets along with my other dog but had little disputes here and there but nothing major. At 2 weeks in, we had their food in the kitchen and my 13-year old daughter went to walk by Honey (who was not eating but between her and the food) and Honey bit her.  It was not a bad bite and no medical attention was needed but it did break skin.  Honey will need a home who will work with her on her resource guarding issues.