Good with Men: Yes

Good with Women: Yes

Good with kids: Unknown

Good with dogs: During dog test with female, he just wanted to sniff her. Dog test with male he was more excitable but not aggressive; probably will do OK with older dog and slow intros but don’t recommend young energetics dogs

Good with cats: Passed cat test at shelter

House Trained: Unknown but likely not

Location: Fishers, IN

Neuter/Spay: Yes

Current vaccinations: Yes

Medical issues: Cataracts, Heartworm positive (Being treated currently), Renal and Kidney insufficiency – he’s on antibiotics for Kidney and gets Hill’s Science Diet special diet for renal.

Characteristics: Hoss is seriously the sweetest thing. Any time I make smoochie noises in his presence he gets all excited and shoves his face into my hands for rubbins 🙂 I just adore him. Hoss did not originally pass this portion of temp test. Has went through training and doing well! Will need continued behavior modification/management for this. He is available for adoption. However, he isn’t doing well in the shelter environment (stressed) and we
would like to find a foster based rescue. Comments from evaluator: Hoss is a lovely older dog, and maybe closer to 7-8 years. I believe he’s a “pocket Rottie” (weighing about 85 Lbs., and has a soft coat (his fur is longer and softer than a ‘hard coat’).