Name: Isabel
Location: New Mexico (shelter will transport into MARR coverage area)
Sex: Female
Weight: 64 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 11 months
Good with Men: Yes, no fear or aggression with any male workers at shelter
Good with Women: Yes, she is excited to go out with me and other women on behavior team (females)
Good with Dogs: Yes, good with male and female dogs and doesn’t show a preference for male or female
Good with Cats: Yes, hasn’t shown any interest
Children: Unknown but likely fine with her temperament
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues:  Healthy but had previous trauma and has scar tissue on back of neck and upper eyelids appear to be pulled upward.  Notes from the vet: .  The appearance of her eyes seems to be from an injury on her head/upper neck area. The injury healed with scar tissue pulling the skin above her eyes back resulting in her appearance. I do not think she had previous entropion surgery that was over done.
Rabies: 5/31/23
Parvo/distemper: 11/29/23
Bordatella: 11/29/23
Heartworm test: 11/29/23 (Negative) and on HW preventative
Characteristics: Isabel is a wonderful sweetheart of a dog.  She loves people and other dogs and is a very gentle soul.  She takes treats gently and loves getting pets.  She currently knows sit but will be a fast learner for other commands.  Isabel doesn’t pull on a leash and is very polite and trusting of the handler.  She doesn’t have any resource guarding issues with food or toys.  Isabel is a happy girl who loves people and likes to play with dogs of all types but doesn’t push to play if the other dog doesn’t want to.  Isabel is a gentle dog with a great temperament, easy personality and is sweet, outgoing and relaxed!

Some additional details added by another team member who took her to an event. Isabel did really well with every dog that went by, even an extremely reactive one who was barking and lunging on their leash.  She showed friendly interest, but I was able to redirect her with treats and keep her attention as dogs passed.  I tend to be a face petter and fondler once I get to know the dog, so I had my hand on her muzzle and she was fine. And have had to lift a leg to readjust the leash which she had no problem with. When we went to go get her picture taken with Santa, she was pretty sure a stuffed moose that was set up next to Santa’s chair was waiting there specifically for her and snatched it up and started whipping it around. She allowed me to take it from her with no problem.  Where we were hanging out in the entrance was right next to a row of U-boats, large metal carts with six wheels that customers can use when they have a lot of or heavy product. A customer pulled one out and they are quite loud when they roll. She was not terribly phased by it and looked to me for assurance.