Name: Jethro
Location:  Boonville, MO
Sex: Male
Weight: 120 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 4 yrs
Good with Men: He is fine with men. He is happy and confident with all people/strangers
Good with Women: He is fine with women. He is happy and confident with all people/strangers
Good with Dogs:  Fine with large dogs but he thinks small dogs are toys
Good with Cats: Unknown but likely not
Children: He would be fine with older kids, he can be a bit of a lug so might knock over small children
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: Has had some diarrhea we are treating. Besides that, no issues
Rabies: 1/2/23
Parvo/distemper: 1/20/23
Bordatella: 1/20/23
Heartworm test: 1/20/23
Characteristics: Jethro is just a happy, playful guy. He loves everyone and wags constantly. He wants to play with toys all day. Because of this, he doesnt seem like he would do well with small animals like cats because I think he would assume he can play with them.  He loves his toys and will toss them in the air and catch them himself. He would be happy as an only dog or do fine with other large dogs.  Hi did grab a small dog and shook him but let go with verbal correction.  It is not aggression nor prey drive, something in the middle.  He does not like to share food due to his long stay in a crowded shelter. We feed in the kennel and have no issues with this.  Jethro is wonderful in a kennel.  He is quiet and goes in willingly for a treat. Jethro knows sit and kennel.  He does pull mildly on a leash and he does like to jump up in a playful manner.  Jethro needs a home where he can be active and get lots of stimulation as he is very playful.  Jethro is a sweet boy who loves all humans; you can touch him anywhere and he loves it!