Name: Jill
Location: Zionsville, IN
Sex: Female
Weight: 81 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Age: 11/1/17
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Children: Did fine with little boy at shelter
House Trained: Unknown
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: None
Rabies: 6/10/22
Parvo/distemper: 7/1/22
Bordatella: 5/2/22
Heartworm test: 7/7/22 (negative)
Characteristics: Jill came into the shelter with Daisy as breeder releases. They are both very sweet girls! Jill can be a bit stand-offish until she gets to know you and she has really come around at the shelter! Jill is happy and wiggly unless a stranger approaches and then she will bark initially (she calms down). If there is a stranger she will keep her distance and then will come over and check them out and then retreat again. Once she knows the person she is very sweet and affectionate. Jill shares well and does not have any known resource guarding with toys and the dogs eat in same kennel but bowls are separated. They did get in a scuffle over dog treats thrown into kennel so best to give high value treats separately. She also does fine on a leash. Jill sounds big and bad in the kennel with a stranger but calms down quickly. Jill does get nervous about restraint for blood draws. Both girls deserve a loving family of their own! Although they get along great, they do NOT need to be fostered or adopted together!