Current Age 1 year Good with kids: Yes Good with men: Yes but only after she knows them. Good with women: Yes but only after she knows them. Good with dogs: Yes she does well in all situations so far with other animals when introduced properly. She lives with 2 other dogs and 2 cats, 3 kids 5 and under and adults Good with cats: She likes cats and is around one daily. House Trained: Yes Neuter/Spay: No Current vaccinations: Yes Characteristics: Maddie is a young dog who is really sweet and loving with her people but has fear/anxiety around new people. She likes other dogs and cats. Good with her people but not good with new people unless she sees them frequently. She is very loving gives kisses and wakes kids up in the morning. Loves to sit on your lap, wants lots of attention and has no personal boundaries. She loves to play ball, and wants to please. She has shown fear barking and growling at unknown people even after they have been in the house for sometime. She needs controlled meetings and needs to be watched for correction when meetings end. Most of her fear is with new people, and she is beginning to need corrections around food and treats with people not other dogs. Maddie will need an experienced foster/adopter who will be able to work with her fear/anxiety issues.