Good with kids: unknown

Good with dogs: laid back dogs

Good with cats: Unknown

House Trained: Yes

Location: Western New Mexico

Neuter/Spay: Yes

Current vaccinations: Yes

Contact: Amanda email:

Max is about 80 lbs of happy go lucky, goofy, silly  Rottweiler energy.  He has the sweetest wrinkly facial expressions, and makes half snore whistle sounds when he sleeps. 

He is crate trained, and it’s best if he has non-shred-able chew items during crate time (Nylabone, Kong, safe edible chewy things). 

Max knows how to sit, down, leave it, and he walks politely with a training collar. He can ignore other dogs on walks when he’s focused on a task, or food. 

Max has that wonderful Rottie (AKA: goldfish) food drive. He’ll do nearly anything you ask him to do for food, but sharing food & toys with other dogs is out of the question. These things need to be kept separate in a multiple dog household. 

No cats, chickens, goats, or sheep for Max. He thinks these animals are fun things to chase. Cows and horses are okay.  He strongly dislikes coyotes, and will bark at them. 

If you’re really into eating dog food, and bothering dogs while they’re eating, Max will share his premium kibble with adult humans. His new family will be provided with coaching & a food guarding treatment protocol to continue proofing with him in new situations. 

Max doesn’t care for rude, pushy, dogs, who are bossy. Who could blame him?  He’s selective about which dogs he would like to play with. We suggest a guided, controlled introduction to other dogs to see if it’s a match. 

He has not been evaluated with children, and has been friendly & outgoing with all of the adult humans and teenagers he’s met. 

Max has moderate exercise needs. A walk or two daily, with training & playtime, is enough for him. He will thrive in a home which provides him with structure and fair, clear boundaries. Rottweiler experience is a huge plus. We aren’t sure what other breed ingredients are in Max’s mix, but he’s all Rottweiler personality. 

Max is located in Western New Mexico, and came from a Navajo Reservation. Transport can be arranged at reasonable rates. 

If you’d like to arrange a meet & greet, or have Max questions, please contact Amanda at: