Name: Max
Mix: No
Sex: Male
Weight: 75 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: No but vet clinic will do prior to transport
Age: 2 yrs
Good with Men: Yes
Good with Women: Yes
Good with Dogs: Has done fine with male dog through chain link fence
Good with Cats: Unknown
Children: Unknown but based on temperament will do fine with older kids but too big for small kids
House Trained: Unknown
Crate Trained: Yes
Medical Issues: None, beautiful rottie
Immunizations: no but clinic will do; has had Bravecto
Heartworm test: clinic will do
Characteristics: Max is a wonderful dog who came in as a stray. He loves people and has a very even temperament. No food or toy aggression and he has melted the hearts of the staff at the clinic where he is staying. Max is URGENT due to the vet clinic being at capacity. He does not have a deadline yet but the owner will not give him much time before he is euthanized. Normally dogs only have 3 days but Max has been given a bit more time because he is very adoptable and will be a great addition to someone’s home.

Initial email from Kelly:  Hello. I am a veterinarian in Ashland, Kansas ( 50 miles south of Dodge City) and we have a rottweiler at the veterinary clinic who was impounded in a neighboring town for running at large. The owner is aware of the situation, but has never come to get the dog. We have had him for 1 month. Usually we only keep them for 3 days and then euthanize or rehome. We estimate Max to be about 2 years old. He is not yet neutered. Weight 75 lbs. So far he is good with everyone at the clinic (mostly women). He has not shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. We have not had him with another dog, but he is directly across a chain link fence from another dog most of the time, and he has not shown any issues. We all really like the guy and would like to get him somewhere he could have a better life than he’s had thus far. We could vaccinate, HWT, and neuter. He has had a Bravecto. We would also be happy to help transport. I have pictures of him.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. Thank you!
Kelly M. Deewall DVM
620-635-6381 cell or 620-635-2641 office 

-Kelly M. Deewall DVM ( )