Age: 3 years 9 months
Weight: 87 lbs
Good with women: Yes needs slow intros Good with men: Yes, needs slow intros
Good with kids: Probably not small kids due to her being nervous
Good with dogs: Yes Does well with calmer dogs as she gets spooked with sudden movements Good with cats: Yes
House Trained: Yes Neuter/Spay: Yes Current vaccinations: Yes
Location: Henderson, KY

Characteristics: Minnie had a hard start in life and was brought into shelter along with 10 other dogs from a neglect case. She lived in an outdoor pen and was bred constantly. She was very scared when she arrived at the shelter. No wonder Minnie is nervous and anxious until she gets to know you. She is a silly girl once she warms up to you, Minnie is also protective or ‘her’ things and does resource guard. She is still nervous of unfamiliar people and things. Minnie’s personality has begun to shine with people she is familiar with. Evaluator comments: Minnie was very sweet and did not show any signs of aggression even though she was clearly nervous. I feel her personality will really come out as she gets settled into a new home and has time adjust. She did warm up towards the end of the evaluation but still did not take a treat. One of the staff members called her name and she was very excited and wagging her nub because she knew and trusted her. Minnie will need a home where she can adjust at her pace. She is OK with other dogs but doesn’t like sudden movements or being startled from behind. For the most part she would rather engage with humans than dogs but isn’t aggressive. She lived with a cat. Minnie is regressing at the shelter so it would be ideal for her to move into a rottie-experience home that can work with her fears.